A BBC the actor was called “disgusting” for sharing a “horrible comment” in front of him. Funeral of the Queen.

Shetland star Douglas Henshall is under fire for the proposal Queen’s coffin empty, ahead of the funeral of the late monarch on Monday.

Hundreds of thousands of people filed past the coffin from 5pm on Wednesday until the last people who had queued all night left the cavernous medieval hall in the early hours of Monday morning.

The process sees a 24-hour river of people floating along the Thames, with members of the public mingling with celebrities and foreign dignitaries under the roof of Westminster Hall.

Henshall asked on social media: “Do you think the queue would be so long if people knew that Queen in the wrong coffin? Or do they know and it’s just symbolic?”

What to expect at the Queen’s funeral

The comment caused negative feedback from other social media users.

One user replied: “Would you consider making such an offensive comment as saying that the person in the coffin belonged to a member of your family and your friends and family came to pay their respects before their funeral? You are a disgusting person!”

“What a terrible comment. People come to pay their respects. Time to shut up,” added another.

A third said: “Do you think you could just crane your neck for a while and respect the grief of the people and the grief of the family and accept that nobody is queuing to see the body or the coffin.” Honestly, such a brilliant actor, but completely devoid of basic respect.’

The Queen is to be reunited with her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, in a historic state funeral.

Crowds of mourners descended on London, Windsor and royal seats across the UK on the national bank holiday, and the service is set to attract millions of television viewers around the world.

The royal family, including Prince George and Princess Charlotte, will be among 2,000 people gathered at Westminster Abbey to remember the late monarch on Monday morning, ahead of a memorial service at Windsor Castle.


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