Dan Andrews, Premier of the Australian state of Victoria, released a statement on social media expressing support for trans Victorians and condemning neo-Nazis.

Andrews spoke out after a chaotic “Let Women Speak” rally by transphobic British activist Kelly-Jay Keane-Minshull, also known as Posy Parker, which was attended by around 400 anti-trans protesters and 30 members of the far-right National Socialists. Movement (NSM).

Neo-Nazi members of the NSM came out in support of Let Women Speak and Keen-Minshull and continued to shout obscenities at LGBTQ+ protesters, chant “white power” and perform Nazi salutes on the steps of the Victorian Parliament.

Dressed in black, with some wear balaclava-style masksthey were holding a banner with the slogan “exterminate the pedo-freaks”.

U The Facebook post was posted on Saturday (March 18) Andrews wrote: “I won’t share the photo because they just don’t deserve attention. But yesterday, anti-trans activists came together to spread the hate. And on the steps of our parliament, some of them performed the Nazi salute.

A Facebook post by Dan Andrews showed support for Victoria’s trans community. (Facebook/PinkNews screenshot)

“I would like it not to be said, but it is clear that it is: Nazis are not welcome. Not on the steps of Parliament. Nowhere.”

Andrews continued: “They were there to say that the trans community does not deserve rights, safety and dignity. That’s what Nazis do. Their evil ideology is the scapegoating of minorities – and it has no place here. And those who stand with them are not either.”

His post ended with a message of support for trans people in the Australian state.

“So to every trans Victorian I say this: our government will always support you. And we will always respect you. Because your rights are non-negotiable.”

Victoria’s Opposition Leader John Pesuto has confirmed he is going to expel a Liberal MP who spoke at an anti-transgender rally from the parliamentary party. This was reported by the Canberra Times.

After promoting and participating in the “Let Women Speak” event, Pesuta called Moriah Diming’s position “intolerable.”

His statement said the rally featured “speakers and other organizers who themselves have been publicly associated with far-right extremist groups, including neo-Nazi activists.”

Pessuta said: “This is not about freedom of speech, it’s about a member of parliament dealing with people whose views are repugnant to my values, the values ​​of the Liberal Party and the wider community.”

Pessuta went on to describe the presence of neo-Nazis at the Kelly-J Keen-Minshull event as “disgusting.”

“The violence, bigotry and hatred that the protesters are conveying through their odious actions will never be acceptable in our country. I condemn them and pledge to stand up to such hatred wherever it may be found.”

Moira Deeming wrote on Twitter that she was “disappointed” with Victoria Police for letting “a bunch of masked people into the LWS buffer zone, terrorizing women who were just trying to speak up for their rights”.

Deeming was elected MP for the Western Capital Region in 2022, and her first speech included an attack on measures to include trans women in sport and the locker room.

This is reported by 9News Melbourne that the Victorian government will consider banning Nazi salutes following the events at Saturday’s anti-trans event.

Kelly-Jay Keane-Minshull told PinkNews that none of the neo-Nazis pictured at the Let Women Speak event were actually at the rally.

“There were no men in black giving Nazi salutes at the Let the Women Speak.

“Standing For Women campaigns for women’s rights and child protection. Nazis are disgusting, no sane person sides with Nazis, they have absolutely nothing to do with Let Women Speak.

“It’s a real shame, though not surprising, that the centerpiece of our amazing rally with brave and articulate women has been sidelined by a media that focuses on what men who weren’t even at our rally had to say and do. »

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Australian premier slams neo-Nazis at Posie Parker event, tells trans citizens: ‘Our government will always support you’ 

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