Fourteen people died in a fire at a karaoke bar in southern Vietnam.

The fire broke out around 9pm on Tuesday at a four-storey karaoke bar in Tuan An city in Bing Duong province. Hanoi.

40 people were also injured, some of them suffocated and others suffered broken limbs caused by jumping from the upper floors of the building in an attempt to escape the fire.

According to reports, staff and other customers were trapped inside when the fire broke out on the second or third floor.

The fire was reportedly brought under control within an hour, but was still smoldering Wednesday, more than 12 hours later.

Firefighters arrived at the scene to use ladders to rescue those who remained inside.

Provincial authorities are investigating the cause of the fire.

Enforcement of safety standards at entertainment facilities in many parts of Southeast Asia is reported to be lax and is believed to contribute to fire deaths.

Thai police said that in August of this year, a fire broke out in a pub located in the eastern province of Chonburi.

Fire trucks near a karaoke bar in Tuan An. Photo: AP

The pub was presenting live entertainment without a license when the fire broke out, leaving many people trapped inside and exits blocked or locked.

This fire killed 23 people – 13 at night and 10 later from injuries.

At least five other victims are believed to be still on ventilators after the pub fire.

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