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Yesterday Sunday, the rosters of the teams of both leagues were announced for Juego de Estrellas 2022 and Andrew Benintendi received his first call.

The 28-year-old pitcher is the representative of the Kansas City Royals in the mid-season classic that will be held on July 19 in Los Angeles, California.

It will be the first time that Andrew Benintendi forms part of the All Stars Game players in 7 campaigns in the Grandes Ligas.

Andrew Benintendi is enjoying the season of his career

The left fielder of the Reales in 2021 had recovered his career after a slump that he suffered with the Reds in 2020, batting .276 and winning a Glove of Gold.

En la presente temporada Andrei Benintendi ha destrozado la liga en 83 juegos con los Royals.

He connected 98 hits in 309 official turns to register an average of .317 the third best in the American League for this moment.

Entra sus imparables se cuentan 13 dobles, 2 triples y 3 cuadrangulares, remolcando y anotando igual número de carreras: 35.

Actual line info: .389/ .401/790.

Possible change of equipment in the next few days

It sounded in the last days of new equipment for Andrew Benintendi who could declare himself a free agent for 2023.

Los Yankees de New York could be the next desino próximo del representative de los Royals para el Juego de Estrellas.

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MLB: Andrew Benintendi convocado a su primer Juego de Estrellas

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