Attractive forecasts are the specialization of the Office for Budget Responsibility.

The spring statement in March noted that Boris Johnson’s government had raised taxes in Britain to the highest level since Labor was in power in the 1940s.

This can never be a good look for a Conservative government with a recent history as the party of low taxation. That’s why tax policy will be at the heart of the Tory succession debate.

Tax burden: Reversing the unwelcome rise in company tax from 19% to 25% next year would boost business confidence and attract investment to Britain.

Chancellor Nadhim Zahavi expressed his belief in tax cuts. Whether the tycoon ever gets the chance to effect change is up to the Gods.

Advocates of tax cuts – to generate growth as the country recovers from the energy price shock – may not, at first glance, find the OBR’s report on fiscal risks very comforting.

It notes that with more than 90 percent of national output, the national debt is three times the 2020 level. However, most of the world is used to higher levels of borrowing.

The UK is in a much better financial position than much of the G7. According to the IMF, public debt in the United States is 126 percent of GDP, in Japan it is 252 percent, in Canada it is 102 percent and in Italy it is 156 percent.

The OBR notes that the pandemic has had “remarkably little impact on the UK’s medium-term financial position”. This is largely due to significant tax increases announced and less demographic pressure.

Budget stock should be red meat for No. 11’s next permanent resident.

Fiscal tightening at the same time as interest rates are rising does not make economic sense. This could push a recession-dodging economy into a recession.

The OBR explained at the start of Covid-19 that the pandemic was equivalent to war and in such circumstances higher borrowing was justified.

Now the government is fighting on two fronts. He supports democracy in Ukraine, demands more defense spending, and helps households and businesses weather the spike in the cost of living at home.

Reversing an unwelcome rise in company tax from 19 per cent to 25 per cent next year would boost business confidence and inward investment in Britain.

Tax breaks such as Risha Sunak’s temporary investment super deduction have not had the desired dramatic impact.

That’s why it’s so important to keep the corporate rate low while offering big breaks for research and development, digital investment and training.

A penny income tax proposed for 2024 is too late as the UK itself overcomes its current difficulties.

All evidence from the post-Covid period shows that revenues from most tax bands have exceeded OBR forecasts.

Lower income taxes may be just what is needed to get the 400,000 people out of work since the pandemic back into the workforce.

The first task of the post-Barys administration will be an extraordinary reduction in the tax budget that supports households and businesses.

More revenue for the treasury will flow if night follows day.


It should come as no surprise that rising oil prices are taking a toll on Shell’s bottom line.

Refining margins increased to $28.04 a barrel in the second quarter, up from $10.23 in the first quarter, and seven times higher than a year ago. The result is almost £1 billion.

Drivers will wonder why those juicy profits can’t be used to lower painful gas prices.

The answer is that competition authorities treat manufacturing and retail as separate entities, and cross-subsidization is not perceived. This would give an unfair advantage to Shell pre-mills.

Ukraine and the changed energy market are causing a quick reaction from big oil. At Shell, this led to write-offs of previously impaired assets and efforts to drill more in the Gulf of Mexico to the detriment of green interests.

How fast the world spins.

Construction is better

Where was Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng on a strange day for the Tories? It was to be found in Grimsby, where leveling up is becoming a reality.

Associated British Ports is developing an 89-acre site in Port Grimsby to support environmental projects including hydrogen production.

The port has already established itself as a leading maintenance center for offshore wind turbines.

Forward and upward.

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