A drug addict who preyed on her long-suffering mother to fund her addiction remains behind bars after robbing her of money for the second time.

Ashley Pinder was ordered to stay away from her mother’s home in Seaham for three years at Durham Crown Court in July 2020 as part of a suspended prison sentence.

It came after she was accused of robbery, taking £40 from her mother’s purse in April that year before pushing her off the road and running from home.

Sentencing, the judge acknowledged he had “taken a risk” by suspending a 20-month jail term for two years and imposing a drug rehabilitation order.

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But Pinder was back in front of the same judge in December 2020, violating her restraining order by showing up at her mother’s house, causing a ruckus in her search for heroin money, and then assaulting the officers who arrested her after being called to her home. .

On that view. she was sentenced to 15 months of immediate imprisonment.

But Pinder was back in custody after robbing her mother of a further £40 and her mobile phone last August, just a week after being released from a previous sentence.

This happened after a struggle during which she pushed her mother onto the couch.

Since her last arrest, the accused, now 31, of no fixed abode, has remained in custody at Low Newton Women’s Prison, near Durham.

She denied charges of robbery and breaching a restraining order at a court hearing in September, but changed her plea to guilty today (Wednesday, January 11).

Prosecutor Samuel Ponia said later on the night of the latest crime that Pinder offered to turn herself in at her mother’s neighbor’s house and did so by returning the phone to her.

The court was told that her crime count had reached 94 with 44 convictions, mostly petty shoplifting to fund her heroin addiction.

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Mr Ponia read out a statement from Pinder’s injured mother, in which she said she cared for and loved her daughter.

But she added that as a decent and vulnerable woman in poor health, she was hurt by the way her daughter treated and used her.

In mitigation, Neil Bennett said Pinder, while in custody and drug-free, had made progress and appeared to be a healthier and more persuasive person.

With the support of the agencies that supported her during her time in prison, she was able to taper off her methadone script in the hope that she could become drug free upon release.

Recorder Jonathan Sandiford KC asked Mr Bennett if the defendant could do a community service drug rehabilitation order if she was released on a suspended sentence after spending the last five months in custody.

But after consulting with his client, Mr Bennett told the Recorder it may be setting her up for failure.

“After speaking with her, she is fully aware of how difficult it is to require drug rehabilitation and she does not feel she is in a position to take advantage of this opportunity.

“It’s too early to do it.

“She is seeking long-term care, and that may come at the cost of further detention.”

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Recorder Sandiford said he “admired her honesty”, adding: “It would have been easier for her to take the opportunity and it wouldn’t be held against her.”

In imposing a 20-month prison sentence, he expressed hope that she would be able to successfully recover from her addiction and reconcile with her mother in the future.

But in the meantime, the current restraining order remains in place.


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