A survey by Lovehoney found that almost half of adults had sex on a first date.

The study was conducted sexual health brandwhich surveyed more than 2,000 adults.

They found that 49 percent of people had sex on a first date, with men more open to it than women.

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Lovehoney explored how many of us have had sex on a first date and why we are – or aren’t – open to it.

Some of the most popular reasons for having sex on a first date included the fun of it (53 percent), to see if you’re sexually compatible right away (46 percent), and because it allows you to bond more quickly (26 percent).

Meanwhile, 20 percent said they like to see if the other person accepts their kinks before getting emotionally involved, and 16 percent of people said it calms their nerves.

Among those who said they had never had sex on a first date, the most common reason given was that they didn’t feel comfortable having sex with someone they didn’t know very well (47 percent).

This was followed by “not believing” in sex on a first date (38 percent) and only enjoying sex with people they have an emotional connection with (32 percent), which was the third most common reason.

Rounding out the top five reasons is the “rule” of not sleeping with someone on a first date (25 percent) and awareness of STIs and pregnancy (17 percent).

A study found that Capricorn is the star sign most likely to have sex on the first date. (Lovehoney)

And if you’re a star sign lover, they also found that Capricorns (55 percent) and Libras (54 percent) came out on top when it comes to first date sex.

While Virgo, Scorpio and Gemini round out the top five signs most likely to have sex on the first date.

As part of the study, Lovehoney teamed up with relationship, sex and mental health therapist Rachel Wright, who said: “There is no ‘right time’ to have sex.

“And I’m talking about sex with the definition of ‘significant pleasure experience.’ The notions of ‘don’t give the milk away for free’ and ‘they won’t love me anymore if I give it up too soon’ are old and outdated and can cause shame for people of any gender.”

She added: “For some people instant sex is incredibly helpful in determining whether they want to go on a second date, while for others it feels completely out of reach because they need to make an emotional connection with a person before they can have sex.

“Wherever you fall on this spectrum, it’s completely normal and it’s recommended that you talk about it with the person you’re going to date. Be honest with yourself and the person you’re dating about your expectations of yourself and of them.”

To learn more – and to shop – head over lovehoney.com.

On average, a person kisses 21.5 people

It was reported recently PinkNews Studies show that the average person kisses 21.5 people in their lifetime.

Internet random fact enthusiasts ÜberFacts tweeted an oft-quoted statistic in December.

Although it is difficult to trace the origin of the study that revealed this statistic, it was originally brought to the public in a report Wired in 2016.

A multimedia news site released a 2-minute infomercial detailing various facts about the average person’s sex life, including statistics on intimacy and relationships, all set to a truly incredible story of two sex dolls going on a date together.

However, responses to the ÜberFacts tweet show that there was a giant gap in the study, depicted by a rainbow.

“Queer people kiss 21.5 people a day,” one user wrote, while another said: “Laughing at the gays.”

“This is how many people I kiss over the weekend,” another user wrote. “Right people, what are you doing, break free.”

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Nearly half of adults have sex on the first date, study claims

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