A documentary about the brutal murder of a Berry grandmother will air on Sky tonight.

Bury pensioner Shirley Leach was murdered in the toilets at Bury Junction while waiting for the bus home after visiting her daughter in hospital on January 6, 1994.

The mother of two was found the next day in a cabin, a tragedy that rocked the city.

Award-winning RTS series Forensics: Catching The Killer will focus on the murder of Mrs Leech in its final episode at 9pm on Sky Criminal.

The show will cover how, after 12 years of being undercover, investigators have finally caught the culprit behind the 1994 murder of a grandmother in a bus station bathroom.

Bolton News:

The documentary will feature interviews with the chief inspector who opened the case, the forensic scientist who worked on the case and local residents who were at the scene.

There will be never-before-seen footage from the crime scene and footage of the bus station on that cold January morning.

Mrs Leech was strangled and mutilated when her killer Ian O’Callaghan returned to the scene of the crime to cut off one of her breasts with a sharp glass.

The shocking crime has caused fear among the people of Bury, as the bus station became off-limits at night and women were warned to stay in well-lit areas.

Mrs Leach, aged 66, had visited her daughter Beryl at Fairfield General Hospital the previous evening.

She left Rochdale Old Road Hospital with her 19-year-old grandson Darren at 8.20pm and they stopped at a nearby pub for one to drink before going to the bus stop.

Bolton News:

At 9pm they got on the 469 bus to Bury town center and Darren got off at Bell Lane and waved goodbye to his grandmother.

Mrs Leach arrived at the junction at around 9.15pm and, while waiting to go home, visited the toilets where the crime had taken place.

Detectives launched an intensive manhunt for the suspect in the murder, but O’Callagham was not found until 12 years later when he was stopped for drink-driving in Moston.

A DNA test found him a match to the crime and he was arrested and charged with her murder, and in November 2006 he was ordered to serve a minimum of 28 years in prison.


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