SCOTS farmers at Duncan Family Farm will be hard at work this Sunday as the UK celebrates Mother’s Day.

Traditionally, this is the only day of the year when moms across the country are guaranteed a day of rest and relaxation.

However, this is not the case for one Scottish farmer and mother Shauna Duncan and her daughters Rebecca and Sally.

Duncan Family Farms is a traditional family farm and agritourism destination with luxury glamping on the shores of Loch Lomond in Scotland.

Their three farms are run by the second and third generations of the Duncan family

Despite the festivities, Mother’s Day will be no different than any other day on the farm.

Shawna admits: “Mother’s Day falls around the time of the lambs so we all need to work together to save all our new babies the lambs and the mother is safe and sound.

“I’m sure at some point in the day I’m going to get a box of candy and a card, and I honestly wouldn’t want it any other way.”

A family business for more than 50 years, the Duncans attended a rural college in Scotland and both daughters returned home when Covid struck.

Working as a close-knit team works well for Shauna, Rebecca and Sally, who are each responsible for different areas of the business.

They each go their separate ways early in the morning to get back together for coffee at 10am.

A typical day can see Rebecca heading out on the tractors and forage van, while Sally can focus on managing cottage and cottage bookings.

Shona said: “Our team dynamic works well as we each have our own responsibilities that we are passionate about.

“If there are any disagreements, we settle them around the kitchen table – usually normalcy is restored within a few hours and we get over our grudges.”

The choice for both daughters to pursue careers in the family firm has allowed Sean to grow in other areas, including their newly renovated cottages on site and glamping pods

Sally said: “Our accommodation caters to families and couples from across the UK who want to get away from it all and enjoy rural the community in which we live.

“Some guests use us as a convenient base for hiking and biking, while others enjoy sitting in the hot tub and enjoying a glass of fizz and the scenery.”

Growing Duncan Family Farms was no easy feat for the family, but Shawna’s hard work and determination inspired her daughters to fully embrace farm life.

Rebecca recalls, “I was scared of the cows as a child, but now I’m responsible for making sure 150 of them are happy and fed every morning.”

Shawna added: “Rebecca said from a young age, ‘I want to be just like mum and run around in mud puddles all day!'”

Business as usual for Scots farmer and her daughters this Mother’s Day

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