Mum-of-six details four ‘weird’ rules she has for her kids – from NO homework to no seeing friends on Sundays

  • Sharon, a mum of six, revealed the four rules she has for her children
  • Mother forbade singing at the table during meals
  • She also forbade the children to meet their friends on Sunday

A mum-of-six has come under fire online after revealing four ‘weird’ rules she has in place for her family.

And she’s the first to admit that some of the rules seem a bit strict: “It’s weird being a parent, I never thought I’d be banned from singing.”

Sharon has laid down the law when it comes to “singing at the table” and says it’s “very annoying” to be interrupted by someone singing at dinner.

A mum-of-six has come under fire online after revealing the four ‘weird’ rules she has for her family

In a viral TikTok video, a mom revealed that she made her kids take piano lessons for “two years,” didn’t let them see their friends on Sundays, and banned them from practicing at home.

She ends the video by suggesting people just “do what works for their families and embrace it.”

There was no shortage of questions addressed to the mother, who worked to quickly respond.

“How do you handle the no homework rule?” – asked one woman.

“You can tell the teacher and the school at the beginning of the year that your child will not be sent homework. Most states have such a law, one woman said.

“When their teacher usually assigns homework, I email them and tell them we’re not going to do it,” Sharon added.

Others asked about the “no singing rule.”

“We had a rule when I was a kid, and I didn’t understand it until I had kids,” she said.

She explained that Sunday is family day, they have a big breakfast and do something fun together

She explained that Sunday is family day, they have a big breakfast and do something fun together

But this is not such a “rare rule” as some have thought.

“No singing at the table was always a rule when I was a kid hahaha that’s good,” said one woman.

What are Sharon’s four rules?

1 – Children cannot see their friends on Sunday

2 – No homework until junior high

3 – Do not sing at the table

4 – Must complete two years of piano lessons

“My father had no rules about singing when we were younger.” added another.

“We don’t sing at the table in Europe, it’s called respect,” said one woman.

Sharon also responded to direct criticism of the rules.

“It will always be weird for me to make kids learn something even if they’re not interested,” wrote one woman.

To which Sharon replied, “It’s like math or reading. This is a life skill that will serve them in one way or another in the future.”

“The music is wonderful! Knowing notes, beats, tones, patterns, rhythms, and it triggers another part of your brain!’

She said piano lessons are more affordable, and since the family has a piano, they’re more affordable, so her kids can’t choose an instrument.

“I find number one (no friends on Sunday) shocking,” said one woman.

But Sharon supported it.

“It’s family day! We’re going to make a giant breakfast and do something epic as a family.”

While others agreed with some rules.

“I think these are all really good rules,” added another fan.

But some people said they were “thankful to their mum”, calling the rules “too big”.

“I don’t agree with any of this, but this is your family,” one woman said.


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