A house hunter shared the moment she came across a hilarious “scare” while looking at a normal three-bedroom property.

A Twitter user who just happens to be Alice shared a video of her taking a 360-degree virtual tour of a property in Eston, North Yorkshire.

The video shows the 25-year-old pacing the top floor of the house before turning right and peering into a bedroom decorated in deep purple.

A house hunter has shared the moment he came across a hilarious “jumper”. Image courtesy of Alice.

The bedroom stands out from the rest of the modern home, which is otherwise finished with laminate flooring and light, airy color scheme.

However, upon entering the room, the audience is in for a sudden fright – a life-size model of a horrible man looms eerily above the bed frame.

Due to a slight delay in loading into the bedroom, the man suddenly appears on Alice’s screen as she zooms in on him.

The man has yellowish skin, is wearing a black and purple gothic outfit, including a top hat and bow tie, and is holding his pocket to look.

A strange skeletal bird rests on his arm as he stares eerily at the camera, almost as if he knew the viewer was coming.

The property, which is valued at £70,000 at the unconditional auction, otherwise has large grounds with greenery and a bird bath at the entrance.

Inside the home, the downstairs decor is contemporary, with laminate flooring and white and gray accents on the walls.

It boasts two spacious bedrooms as well as an additional study and great whitewashed room bathroom.

Property Express Normanby estate agents, who are listing the property, wrote: “Excellent current investment with long term tenant paying £495.

“It is located in the desirable and highly sought after residential area of ​​Euston, Middlesbrough.”

However, Alice was startled when she practically walked into the room and discovered that she was not alone.

She shared the video on Twitter last Sunday with the caption: ‘Window shopping on Rightmove on my night shift and stumbled upon a real tragedy.’

The price of a property in the Euston area had an overall average price of £123,942 last year, according to Movement to the right.

A spokesman for Property Express Normanby said today: “This particular ‘gent’ is owned by the tenants/occupants of the property who have lived there for many years.”

House-hunter shares hilarious “jumpscare” found in otherwise normal three-bedroom property

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