A YOB terrorized a mother in her own home by destroying her letterbox in a drunken rage, reports our sister Clydebank Post.

William Mitchell, of Clydebank, pleaded guilty to recklessly destroying property belonging to another by repeatedly kicking a door frame and removing a post box from a door in Crown Avenue on June 5 this year.

He also admitted acting in a threatening and abusive manner, causing the victim to fear for her safety by shouting through a letterbox.

Dumbarton Sheriff Court heard how the 24-year-old and his friend went to a nearby pub but returned to the friend’s home address a few hours later.

However, as soon as Mitchell left his friends, he went upstairs to a neighbor’s house and began shouting through the mailbox, demanding to be let into the property.

When that failed, the bum yelled at the kid through the mailbox to open the door so he could “do something with his mother.”

The police were quickly contacted and upon arrival saw Mitchell coming down the stairs.

The police demanded that he be let into the general closed area, where he began to shout: “Fuck it’s the police.” You don’t come in here unless you have a warrant.

The thug opened the front door and started arguing with the police, shouting: “Just because I was at the front door doesn’t mean I kicked the door in.” Where is the CCTV evidence?’

Mitchell was cautioned and arrested and his response was: “You’re sexist if you listen to a woman.”

He was taken to Clydebank Police Station, where his aggressive behavior culminated in him demanding to be released and calling officers “s***” and “sexist bitches”.

Officers later checked on the victim and she appeared terrified, shaking and unable to stop crying.

They noticed that she jumped whenever there was a noise.

His lawyer said: “He pleaded guilty at the first opportunity. He shows some remorse.’

Mitchell experienced a personal tragedy that triggered him to drink.

He was given 12 months of community supervision and 140 hours of unpaid work. He was also fined £82.


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