The weekend is the perfect time for freshen up your home; and you don’t have to repair to get a new look. Updating your walls, adding new fabrics or simply rearranging what you already have can have a transformative effect.

If you missed an opportunity update your home with spring repairfear not – there’s still plenty of time to spruce it up a bit, and we’ve got all the tips and tricks to do it in an affordable way.

Interior designer Flora Soames as well as a stylist and designer Gabby Deeming spoke to the Telegraph and shared their tips on choosing colors and patterns, as well as arranging furniture and accessories to best advantage.

Watch the full conversation here and read their expert advice.

Top tips for renovating your home in 2022

1. When choosing a paint color, first think about how you want the room to feel

“I painted my bedroom walls Old White by Farrow & Ball,” says Gabby Deeming. “It’s a bit like in a book, you feel very calm. But if you want your room to be more cheerful, maybe you should choose something bright in the room – a yellow lamp base or a picture frame, or the color in the picture, and by painting the walls in this color, it will bring the room to life “.

When choosing a paint color that matches a patterned fabric, Soames advises not to get too hung up on finding the perfect one: “Sometimes choosing a paint color that’s one shade off the fabric color can keep the whole look together,” she says.

2. Remember that paint coverage can be just as important as color

“Sometimes you need to play not only with color, but also with effect,” says Soames. — For me, glossy paint is a great way to influence a room. The gloss is difficult to apply and needs a very smooth background, as free of blemishes as possible, but it creates a jewel box effect and reflects light beautifully.”

“Another great place to use gloss paint is the kitchen,” adds Deeming. “If you have a kitchen that you want to update, gloss paint is a great alternative to tiles because it’s very practical – you can just wipe it clean.”

3. Forget the rules when it comes to painting woodwork and ceilings

Focus on the effect you want to achieve, says Deeming. “You can paint the ceilings, woodwork, walls and floor in one color or paint the woodwork in a contrasting color; everything looks good, she says. “I love the ‘finished’ look where the walls, ceiling and woodwork are the same color as it feels cocooned and beautiful; whereas if you paint the woodwork in a different color, you will accentuate the architecture, so it will look more custom.’ If you decide to paint the woodwork and ceiling white, make sure you choose the right color: “I painted my dining room in Farrow & Ball’s Pink Ground and the woodwork in Wimborne White, which is a soft white.” says Deeming. . “Bright white would look terrible with this soft pink; you must choose the shade of white carefully.’

4. When using wallpaper, stay away from a feature wall

“It smacks of a lack of commitment,” Deeming says. “The wallpapers are the best in their round. If you only have one wall covered with wallpaper, you need to choose a paint color for the rest of the walls and they can clash a bit. You have invested in a newspaper, but it is not working as it should. If you look on Instagram or in magazines, you’ll see how beautiful wallpaper can look on any wall if done properly.”

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